Ongoing: Florida's Water and Land Legacy Petition Drive

Brasington's Adventure Outfitters is a station for petitioners and volunteers on the Florida's Water and Land Legacy Campaign. This proposed amendment would dedicate funding for water and land conservation, management, and restoration from an existing documentary stamp tax revenue stream. The projected revenue that could be set aside for land management is $5 billion over 10 years. More than 4,000 individual volunteers and over 300 civic and community organizations are currently working to to put this proposed amendment on the November 2014 ballot.

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Interested? Stop by today to sign the petition and pick up a packet to bring your friends and neighbors onboard. Do it to protect the one-of-a-kind springs, prairies, beaches and glades of the beautiful state we all love.  We have over 150,000 signatures to date, but need just over 650,000 to make our goal!

Read answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the amendment and get informed to get involved. Each packet of petitions comes with this sheet for easy-access answers! The deadline for signatures is November 2013.

What is the Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment?

The Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment dedicates funding for water and land conservation, management and restoration by amending the state constitution.  The amendment sets aside one-third (33 percent) of Florida’s existing documentary stamp tax revenues (paid when real estate is sold) and guarantees that these funds can be used only for conservation purposes, such as acquiring conservation and recreation lands, managing existing lands, protecting lands that are critical for water supply and restoring degraded natural systems.

Please take the time to recognize and thank other organizations who have also endorsed the Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment petition drive